3 Ways to Make Free Games Online Accessible

Many free games on the internet are full of hidden costs, such as in-app purchases and micro-transactions. Free games may even cost as much as paid games, as players are often lured into spending money on them over time. By contrast, the games featured on this site are free and feature complete games with all of their content included. In other words, these games can’t possibly cost you anything. The only downside to playing these games is the limited number of options available.


Developing accessible games can be challenging, but luckily, there are some free online games that are designed to cater to gamers with disabilities. In fact, more than two billion people play video games, according to Statista. That number is expected to reach three billion by 2023. While the majority of these players are in developing countries, there are some who have varying needs. In this article, we’ll discuss three ways that games can be made more accessible for those with different needs.

One important aspect of accessibility in free online games is that the game must be user-friendly. This means that players should be able to use controllers without too much hassle. The game should also allow players to change screen sizes, responsiveness, and haptics. Moreover, it should be possible to turn on or off large subtitles and disable parallaxing. Likewise, if players are experiencing trouble using a controller, they should be able to make use of the game’s audio description.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are a form of extra value added to free games online. These purchases allow the player to buy digital items, remove ads, or unlock special features within the game. This method is becoming a popular revenue source for game publishers. The app stores clearly indicate when a game includes in-app purchases, and they are a quick way for gamers to upgrade their games and remove ads. Despite this growing trend, some consumers are reluctant to make such purchases.

In-app purchases for free games online are not as common as in-app purchases in traditional games. In fact, the vast majority of games do not include in-app purchases. They are instead sold as unlockable items, such as cosmetic items or bonus game characters. Many gamers don’t mind this method because they see it as more honest. Then again, many games do offer cosmetic items and in-app purchases for unlocking a level, which isn’t always necessary.


The popularity of free games online is growing. According to a survey, 60% of people play these games at least once a day, and they spend an average of eleven hours per week playing them. Among the top reasons for playing free online games are relaxing, stimulating the brain, and relieving stress. To attract the right audience, advertisers should focus on making the games easy to play. Games with a lot of instructions can be confusing. Players tend to prefer simple games.

Business models

There are several business models for free games online. In-app purchases and ad-displays are common models. Freemium games, for example, allow non-paying players to play for free, but charge if they want to unlock special features or speed up their progress. Freemium games also often require payment for in-game currencies or cosmetics. Fortunately, there are many other models available, including subscriptions and donations.

In the early days of massively multiplayer online games, shareware was a popular model. Initially, it was aimed at casual gamers, but as the popularity of free games increased, major video game publishers began to implement shareware models as a way to combat piracy. These models typically offer free trials with variable functionality in order to convince users to purchase a full license. Many free games offer severely limited functionality and are not worth much.