Artificial Intelligence and Smartphones Technology

Today there is a large amount of technology developed that comes to be included in people’s daily lives, for example, having a digital assistant or even taking better photos, is something that many of us do but do not realize the technology that is in these actions and in the devices that serve as tools, such as smartphones.

We can also now find that manufacturers of processors and components have tried to bring advanced functions to the mid-range of devices at more affordable prices for the general public. And this is where Artificial Intelligence, AI, comes in. Despite the fact that many times we do not stop to think or do not realize that we use Artificial Intelligence, the truth is that Artificial Intelligence is included in many of the devices we use daily, including our smartphones.

Let’s now see some of the most important functions that Artificial Intelligence does in our smartphones:

Voice assistants

The example and the Artificial Intelligence technology that we possibly have closest are the Digital Assistants, it can be the Google Assistant or Siri, these assistants have a technology that recognizes the user’s voice and can access the network. Also these attendees can read emails, make search suggestions, give feedback and sometimes their opinions.

Smart photos

To be able to have an intelligent image, you need very intelligent software that allows this to be possible, and where you can create a depth map of a scene. What is sought is that this software can capture the best images for us regardless of our knowledge of photography.

Object recognition

There are some devices that identify various types of scenes, since they have the ability to follow the movement of objects, also recognize them in real time and do the corresponding processing, identifying whether they are cats or dogs, text images, sunsets, photos of blue sky, among other options, including facial recognition to identify people.

Hardware for Artificial Intelligence

There is Artificial Intelligence in certain devices to improve graphic applications and it has a variation in its cores to increase its power, as is the case with the MediaTek Helio P90 processor, which was created to have faster data processing.

Fast data processing in smartphones is important for Artificial Intelligence since the most advanced phones must have optimized hardware to be able to support all the processing that Artificial Intelligence requires.

Who makes the decisions?

Taking into account that a person looks at their phone for more than 2.5 hours a day and makes around 35,000 decisions in a 24-hour period, Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in these cases and helps to make decisions.

For example, with the algorithms of the habits and tastes of the users through data sets, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, they learn all this information to help the users, they begin to create suggestions with different applications that the users can use. users, such as transport applications or music, food, fashion, among others.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence is present in many of the activities that we carry out on a daily basis, on our smartphones, or even other devices, where they can also use our information to learn and collect data that helps the activities of Artificial Intelligence.

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