Best Apps for Productivity on Your Smartphone

There are many applications that can help you organize your day to day and that also help you with productivity at work and also in your life. Therefore, we will see the top 5 apps that you can use to improve your productivity.

What is a productivity app?

Let’s first see what a productivity app is, basically it is software that is designed to make working life more efficient. Therefore, you can use these apps to meet goals, deadlines, and tasks in a much better and more efficient way. You can also find productivity apps depending on the type of work, for example, professional and individual.

All-in-one Apps


With this application you can manage projects, teams and communication, as well as assign each team member a specific role in the project and also keep track of the amount of time that one of the members spends on a specific task, which means that everything can be better organized.

Other important functions that you can find with this application are, for example, dividing projects into stages, tasks, and subtasks; create project templates and save them to create similar projects so you don’t start all over again; you can save all important dates and events; you can add a quick overview of all projects, people, tasks, events, notes, and announcements; you can have chats to communicate with your team; and also integrates with apps like Google Calendar, iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.


With this application you can have your chats well organized, plus its task management system can convert any message into a task, assign it to a specific person and also create due dates. Also with the Kanban board you can manage all the tasks in one place and optimize the workflow.

Another of the functions that Chanty has is to have individual or group calls with the members of your team, and integrate other applications to avoid switching between multiple applications, making work faster and more optimal.

Task Manager Apps


Using TickTick you can have a much more organized and orderly task management, also assign tasks and subtasks, with deadlines that you can share with the people in your team, in this way you can achieve your goals and organize your priorities.


With this application you can have project management and task management functions that can help you to have a better organization, from individual tasks to group tasks, besides that it is quite flexible, easy to use, and for the moment it is for free.

To-do List Apps


With this application you and your team can easily create and organize tasks, and assign priorities, you can also mark a task as complete when it is, which allows everything to be organized in the best way.

File Storage Apps


You can have an open source cloud sharing and storage system, giving you privacy and security. This app is integrated with other apps like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud, making it faster and easier for you to transfer files. 

In addition to these features, it has other features that are great, such as that you can limit the number of times a specific file can be shared and also the files and photos uploaded to the service are encrypted to always maintain security and privacy.

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