Things to Do in London

Whether you are looking for a quick city break or a long holiday, you can find many great things to do in London. If you want to see a variety of London landmarks, visit one of the many museums or take a walk along the Thames, you are sure to find something for everyone.

Houses of Parliament

Whether you’re a political buff or just a curious tourist, the Houses of Parliament are one of the most exciting places to visit in London. The parliamentary building is home to the UK government and provides a unique glimpse into political life in Britain.

You can visit the Houses of Parliament by taking a tour or by paying a visit during the day. These tours are conducted by a professional guide and include deep access into the buildings. They last for about 75 minutes and include amusing anecdotes about the history of the Parliament, as well as explanations of the British government system.

British Museum

Originally founded in 1753, the British Museum is the world’s largest museum of human history and culture. It houses an incredible collection of objects from all over the world. You will be able to see the Rosetta Stone, one of the most popular exhibits in the museum. You will also find a number of rotating exhibitions and special events.

The museum’s collection represents human history from the beginning to the present. It also promotes science, culture and universal understanding. Visitors can also take a guided tour of the museum. This tour covers all the important sites in the museum in just 90 minutes. It is also available on weekends.

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard in London is one of the city’s most popular attractions. You can watch the change of guard from various vantage points throughout the city, but one of the best is the Victoria Monument.

The ceremony is a military parade that starts at Wellington Barracks and ends at Buckingham Palace. There are various regiments that are present. These regiments include the Queen’s Life Guards, the Royal Horse Guards and the Royal Marines. These regiments are highly trained infantry soldiers. They have seen action overseas. They are considered a great honour to serve.

The military musical band will play a military march. They will also play a series of other songs. It is not uncommon to hear a song based on the Game of Thrones theme. The ceremony is free to attend.

Hampstead Heath

Located in Zone Two, Hampstead Heath is one of the most beautiful green spaces in London. With over seventy-one acres of rolling hills and ancient woodlands, Hampstead Heath is a great place for a day out.

Hampstead Heath is home to many attractions. Among them is Parliament Hill, a peaceful spot for picnics and watching the sunset. It also offers great views of the London skyline.

If you enjoy walking, Hampstead Heath has many hiking trails. The paths are rugged and easy to follow. Grass snakes, bats and a variety of bird species can also be seen.

There is a large collection of interesting former homes and buildings in Hampstead. One example is Fenton House, which has tours.


Visiting London’s Chinatown is a fun and interesting way to experience Asian culture and cuisine. It has a lot of restaurants and stalls selling Chinese food, clothing, gifts, and jewelry. There are also numerous events and cultural festivals held throughout the year.

You can get to Chinatown by taking the Northern, Bakerloo, or Piccadilly tube lines. The Bakerloo line is the closest to the Chinatown area. You can also take a bus.

Chinatown London is located near the Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. This area is full of restaurants and bars, including one called the Alley Cat Cafe. It offers a wide range of traditional Asian dishes and vegan options. The cafe is also an affordable option.

Tower of London

Located in London’s City of London, the Tower of London is the world’s oldest and best known visitor attraction. It has been operating for over 350 years. It has been used as a fortress, armory, treasury and even as a zoo. Its crown jewel is the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, which are still used today by Queen Elizabeth II.

The crown jewels are the only set of royal regalia still in active use. They are a collection of jewels, diamonds and royal ceremonial objects.

The Tower of London also has an impressive array of weaponry. Some of the weapons include a 10-foot dragon, the largest diamond in the world and a snooping raven.