Important Things You Should Know About Travel to Hong Kong

Planning a trip to Hong Kong? Read this article to find out more about Vaccinations, Entry requirements, Clothing, and Legal restrictions for LGBTI travel to Hong Kong. We’ll also talk about the hottest nightlife spots in the city. Read on to find out how you can plan the perfect trip! If you’ve never been to Hong Kong, you should! Here are the most important things you should know. And don’t miss the famous Night Market in Lan Kwai Fong.


If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong, you should see your doctor at least one month before you depart. You can find a clinic in your city by visiting the government’s Find a Clinic website. Vaccinations for travel to Hong Kong include the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine and the varicella (chickenpox) vaccine. You also should vaccinate infants six months and older against Hepatitis A and D. Immune globulins protect against the disease for two months.

While Hong Kong doesn’t have any unusual diseases, it’s important to take the appropriate precautions, including proper food and handwashing hygiene. Although there aren’t many specific vaccinations for Hong Kong, the following are recommended by the Center for Disease Control. You may also need to check with your national health authorities to make sure you’re protected against specific diseases. You can contact a travel vaccination clinic two weeks prior to your trip to determine which vaccinations you need.

Entry requirements

The APEC Business Travel Card can be used to enter Hong Kong at immigration control. The APEC Business Travel Card entitles holders to stay in the city for up to 60 days visa free. In order to qualify for a visa-free stay in Hong Kong, you must be a resident of a participating country. If you don’t belong to one of these countries, you can apply for one before traveling to Hong Kong.

The mainland China and Hong Kong share the same border. There are 8 land checkpoints along the border. In order to drive across the border, your car must have plates from both China and Hong Kong. It is also mandatory to change sides of the road, if you don’t already have one. In addition to the visa requirements, you must also provide proof that you have the right to work in Hong Kong. To avoid any complications, make sure you read and understand the requirements carefully before traveling.


When traveling to Hong Kong, remember to pack appropriately for the different seasons. Even if it does not snow in Hong Kong, you may need to bring a few extra layers just in case. You can also find cheap designer replicas if you are looking to keep your costs down. While Hong Kong’s climate is mild, the streets can be wet and dirty, so make sure to pack comfortable closed-toed shoes.

When packing for your trip, always keep in mind the weather in Hong Kong. During the summer, you’ll find that Hong Kong is extremely hot. To keep yourself from getting too hot, try to pack light layers of clothing, like a shirt and tank. In addition, leggings are great for climbing in and out of buses and escalators. You can also pack cardigans and PJ’s in the event that you’ll be staying in a cool dorm. A few pieces of underwear are also essential, like two bras and 5-8 pairs of underwear. Lastly, don’t forget socks, especially if you’ll be walking around Hong Kong.

Legal restrictions on LGBTI travel to Hong Kong

Although there are currently legal restrictions on the travel of LGBTI people to Hong Kong, the LGBT community is getting some good news. In July 2018, the Court of Final Appeal ruled in favor of QT, allowing same-sex partners to apply for spousal visas. Previously, heterosexual couples were not eligible for such visas. Angus Leung, a gay immigration officer in Hong Kong, successfully challenged the courts, and won the case.

In the past, there have been a number of legal and cultural restrictions for LGBTI travelers. However, legal restrictions have been lifted in many countries, including Hong Kong. In addition to removing restrictions on travel to Hong Kong, LGBTQ travelers should be aware of their own country’s legal and cultural climates. Some countries may require couples to reserve separate beds or carry separate luggage, so it is best to check beforehand. It is also a good idea to share with a trusted contact your itinerary and specific plans.

Cost of travel to Hong Kong

The cost of travel to Hong Kong can vary greatly, depending on your travel style, luxury, and budget. While an average vacation in Hong Kong can cost around HK$7,594, a trip lasting two weeks can cost HK$15,189 or $30,378. Traveling with a friend or family member can often reduce costs, as can travelling slower. Two people sharing a hotel room can have a lower daily budget than one traveling alone for one week.

The official language is Cantonese, which shares the same characters with Mandarin. Both languages are mutually unintelligible. Although some native speakers of English may be able to communicate in English, you should be prepared for a language barrier. The locals in Hong Kong are proud of their culture and appreciate efforts to speak their native tongue. Hong Kong is an excellent example of East and West coming together. If you can’t speak Cantonese, don’t worry! Hong Kong can be a very safe place to travel, and there are many places for tourists to enjoy.